Active Repeater List

Active Repeater List

Active Repeater List

System IDSite IDCallsignTransmit BandTransmit FrequencyReceive BandReceive FrequencyNotes
N7TGSLAS VEGASN7TGS2 M145.11002 M144.5100O 100 C4FM
W7NYEPAHRUMPW7NYE2 M145.13002 M144.5300o 100 ARES/RACES
W7AESPBS BldgW7AES2 M145.14502 M144.5450o DSTAR C
KK7QCOLAS VEGASKK7QCO2 M145.17502 M144.5750DSTAR/Analog 127.3
HXOOPENHIGHLANDWA7HXO2 M145.22002 M144.8200o100 LVRA
K6JSIPlaza HotelK6JSI2 M145.25002 M144.6200WINS o100
WA7SCAHendersonWA7SCA2 M145.28002 M144.6800o 123
K7CCNBeacon HillK7CCN2 M145.30002 M145.0000o DCS 244 ARES/RACES
PortableAssignedAssigned2 M145.33002 M144.7000Used for Portable/Events
WR7NVLAS VEGASWR7NV2 M145.35002 M144.7500o100 Nevada ARC
N7ARRAngelN7ARR2 M145.37002 M144.7700NARRI – IRLP
W7IVKLAS VEGASW7IVK2 M145.39002 M144.7900o100
W7NYESawtoothW7NYE2 M145.43002 M144.8300o100.0 L-145.1300
KE7ZHNNLVKE7ZHN2 M145.46002 M144.8600o100
N7NYESchaderW7NYE2 M145.49002 M144.8900o 123
Reserved ATVReserved ATV2 M146.43002 M146.4300Reserved for ATV
N7ARRTONOPAHN7ARR2 M146.64002 M146.0400o 123 NARRI – IRLP
WB7WTSMontezuma PkWB7WTS2 M146.64002 M146.0400o
W6JCYPahrumpW6JCY2 M146.64002 M146.0400o 100
WA7CYCLV 3WA7CYC2 M146.67002 M146.0700o136.5
KB6XNLas VegasKB6XN2 M146.73002 M147.1300o103.5
KD8S QSTBLACK HENDKD8S2 M146.73002 M146.1300QST Machine
KB6XNHPKB6XN2 M146.79002 M146.1900oDMR CC15
KD7MIASpiritKD7MIA2 M146.82002 M146.2200o123
W7KVSUTAH HILLW7KVS2 M146.82002 M146.2200o 100
AD7DPPAHRUMPAD7DP2 M146.85002 M146.2500o173.8
HXOOPENHPWA7HXO2 M146.88002 M146.2800o100 Intermountain Intertie
K7UGELas VegasK7UGE2 M146.91002 M146.3100o
LVRACHILTONK7UGE2 M146.94002 M146.3400o100
KB6XNLas VegasKB6XN2 M146.97002 M146.3700o100
N7ARRBLACKN7ARR2 M147.00002 M146.4000o 123 IRLP/NARRI
NO7BSLAS VEGASNO7BS2 M147.03002 M147.6300o 100 AllStar
KC7TMCApexKC7TMC2 M147.06002 M147.6600o100 Nellis RAC
N7OKLVMSN7OK2 M147.09002 M147.6900o100 Silver Dollar ARC
W7AORPioche, NVW7AOR2 M147.12002 M147.7200o 123.0 IRLP
KC7DKCPRJOHNW6NYK2 M147.15002 M147.7500o 100
K7CCNAngelK7CCN2 M147.18002 M147.7800oDPL244 ARES/RACES
K7CCNLaughlinK7CCN2 M147.18002 M147.7800o127.3 ARES/RACES
WB7WTSELYWB7WTS2 M147.18002 M147.7800o 114.8 Link Salt Lake
WB5KLJGold mtWB5KLJ2 M147.21002 M147.8100
N4NJJLAS VEGASN4NJJ2 M147.21002 M147.8100o 107.2/NAC702
WB7DRJPAHRUMPWB7DRJ2M147.21002M146.6100o 100.0
N7ARRAlamoN7ARR2 M147.24002 M147.8400o 123.0
KD7MIRSunrise HospKD7MIR2 M147.27002 M147.8700o P25-Analog
N6YKELas VegasN6YKE2 M147.33002 M147.9300o 146.2
WB6TNPAngelsWB6TNP2 M147.36002 M147.9600o 141.3
W7MZVGLENDALEW7MZV2 M147.39002 M147.9900o
KB6XNLas VegasKB6XN2 M147.43002 M146.4360oDMR CC2
W7OQFRedW7OQF2 M147.94502 M147.3750o 100.0


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The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES®) team of Centralia, Washington, activated following an early morning bombing on December 19. Authorities say two men planted the bomb, which blew up the ATM at a local bank. The Washington State Patrol Bomb Squad and the FBI responded to assist the Centralia Police Department (CPD) in the investigation. […]

Packet Radio Pioneer Brian Rogers, N1URO, of Unionville, Connecticut, died on January 4. An ARRL member, he was 58. Rogers was considered a core contributor to amateur packet radio dating to the 1990s. Licensed in 1995, he focused on classic packet and 802.11/high-speed protocols, developed the URONode packet radio software, and was an avid packet […]

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